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It might not seem like there is much involved with septic system design, but the reality is that if it isn’t done right, the outcome can be far from pleasurable. When it isn’t done right, there is a good chance the system will fail prematurely, be a health hazard, or need costly repairs, all while creating a real mess inside your home or business. To better understand why septic system design is important to get right, consider these typical causes of septic system failure:

  • The septic tank is too small for the amount of wastewater introduced to it. This is a common septic system design failure when a company looks only to what the minimum amount is needed for permitting and doesn’t take into consideration how the family or business will actually be utilizing the septic system.
    developing the right septic system design for the application at hand
  • The septic tank wasn’t built to be structurally sound and watertight. It is important not to put too much faith in the soils surrounding the tank to provide support. A substandard tank may save upfront costs, but it will likely cause you problems down the road.
  • The septic system wasn’t properly maintained. Be sure the company that provides the septic system design and installation thoroughly explains the maintenance needed to keep your system performing as it should.
  • Introducing the wrong things into the septic system. It is important to discuss everything about your business operations when the septic system design is being drafted, including any unusual items you need the septic system to handle. Also be sure to learn what you can and cannot introduce to the system.
  • Poor septic system design that doesn’t allow proper flow of wastewater through the system. Any number of things can go wrong if not properly addressed during the design stage, including how to deal with inadequate drain field soils, installing the right size of drain field, and adding any components needed for your type of business.

At Southern Water and Soil, our engineers are exceptional at developing the right septic system design for the application at hand. They don’t cut corners trying to get your project done faster than is feasible that would result in lower quality and problems down the road. We’ll keep you in the loop throughout the process so that you provide vital input and know what to expect both during the process and after your completed septic system design. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial septic services.