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Southern Water and Soil, Inc., is a licensed engineering firm specializing in engineered septic systems in the State of Florida. Also an added bonus is that SWS is a licensed Septic Tank Contractor. Therefore, you get a company that can give you a soup to nuts project proposal. Also, SWS can provide you with the best septic solutions for your specific septic system needs.

If you are looking for alternative septic systems (i.e., aerobic treatment units, drip irrigation system, No-Mound Systems, Norweco, Orenco, Advantex, Clearstream, Geoflow, Hoot) or if a septic drainfield is over 1,000 square feet the system has to be designed by an engineer. If a drip irrigation system is utilized it has to be designed by an engineer. Southern Water and Soil can provide cost effective septic designs and engineered septic designs.