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Septic System DesignIf your home or business is not located near a waste processing facility, you may not have the option of installing a sewer line. In cases like this, a septic system is usually the best option. If you are considering having a septic system installed on your property, be sure to hire a professional to create the septic system design.



The Right Septic System Design Can Make All the Difference for Your Home or Business

The size and layout of your septic system will be determined by a number of factors. For one thing, you need to think about the number of bathrooms in your home or business. If you have a modestly sized home with one or two bathrooms, a small septic tank may be sufficient. If you own an office building or apartment complex, however, you will need a much bigger system to accommodate all of the bathrooms.

In addition to considering the number of bathrooms on your property, there are a few more components that go into a septic system design. Septic systems work by filtering water and waste first through the septic tank and then through the septic drain field and back into the environment. Some septic systems use gravity to transport the materials, while others use a pump to pressurize and transport the materials. If your property is sloped, or if it is large enough to dig deep into the ground, a gravity system might work. If your property will not allow for the drain field to be at a lower elevation than the septic tank, however, a pressurized system might be your best bet.

Having a septic system installed is no easy task, and it is very important that the job be done properly the first time. To make sure that your septic system installation goes off without a hitch, hire a professional septic engineer from our team at Southern Water and Soil to create your septic system design.