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septic system designWhether you are remodeling your existing home, or building a new one, having the right size septic tank is essential. Choosing a tank that’s too small for your needs can result in many expensive problems over time.

To determine the size for your septic system design, start by looking at the average amount of water used in your home. This should include everything from watering the lawn to cooking and bathing. A good rule of thumb is to choose a septic system design that can hold twice your daily average water consumption. Anything smaller probably won’t work for long.

Also consider the size of your home. A larger one is likely to house more people. So obviously, a 3-bedroom home will need a bigger tank than a home with one bedroom. However, it’s advisable to include one extra room to that equation to allow for situations when friends or relatives stay over for extended periods.

Another important factor in septic system design is the amount of space you have available for installation of the tank. If there’s enough space to accommodate both the tank and the drain field, you can probably go with any size that you want. However, your municipality may require that the tank have a specific capacity in relation to the size of your property.

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