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Package Plant Installations, Lutz, FL

When we work on package plant installations in Lutz, FL, we ensure that our client knows exactly how their new system will work after it is set up.

Package Plant InstallationsResidences and businesses in Lutz, Florida that do not rely on the municipal water system typically use a septic system to manage the wastewater treatment process. While septic systems come with many advantages, not every property can benefit from using one of these systems. When this occurs, at Southern Water and Soil, we often recommend the use of a package plant. Thanks to our three decades of experience working on package plant installations, we know you will be more than happy with our workmanship.

When we work on package plant installations, we ensure that our client knows exactly how their new system will work after it is set up. These systems come with a multi-chamber tank and are different than regular septic systems because a digestive process is used to treat the wastewater and raw sewage.

It is important to remember that these systems also go through three different stages when they treat wastewater. During the first stage, the sewage travels into a chamber where oils, grease, and lighter waste rise to the top and heavier solids sink to the bottom. Second, the scum and the liquid are combined with oxygen, and simple compounds are formed after the aerobic bacteria start to work. Third and finally, the solid waste and the liquid layer are separated and eventually returned for processing to the aeration chamber.

If you would like to know more about package plant installations and our team’s role in the process, please contact us at Southern Water and Soil today. We look forward to hearing from you!





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