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When planning a new septic system or improvements to an existing one, septic engineering is critical to not only the integrity of the system, but also making sure that it interacts beneficially with the home or business it serves, as well as the environment. Important septic engineering considerations will take into account the best practices in waste treatment, as well as the needs and water usage of the site, the soil on the site, the presence and distance of the water table from the drain field, any applicable laws or regulations on the placement and operation of septic systems, and any other particular needs or requirements of the site.

Important Septic Engineering Considerations

Septic EngineeringThe first consideration of septic engineering is the relationship between the septic tank and the structure. In general, it’s important to have the tank close to the wastewater exit from the house. Changes over time in water table or water usage might cause issues if the tank isn’t properly sited or if the amount of waste water increases beyond the ability of the tank to safely handle it.

Adding an aerobic septic component to an existing system requires some septic engineering, but can help a system struggling to process the volume of waste water, as well as microbe growth in the drain field. Siting, preparing, and installing a drain field is the second important consideration in septic engineering. Without proper work here, the drain field will not be able to properly disperse the effluent over the entire drain field area and can clog, back up, or lead to unwanted biomat growth. It’s important to site the drain field in a place devoid of vehicular traffic and away from trees or shrubs that might attempt to grow into the drain field looking for an easy water source.

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