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Septic Engineering in Brandon, Florida
When it comes to choosing the parts for a septic system and ensuring that they are laid out properly, there are a few design elements that are important. While it is the basic components that bring a septic system together, the design and septic engineering are what truly create a working, stable septic system for any home or business. Here are a few design elements that will make septic engineering for any property more effective and efficient:

  • Tank – The septic tank often receives the most focus during any septic engineering project, and for good reason. It’s the first point of contact for wastewater beyond a home or business’ plumbing. Knowing the size and scope of the tank, and planning ahead for potential growth and usage, can save a lot of money and the potential for problems down the line.
  • Lift Station – A lift station is crucial when the lay of the land requires solutions for proper flow of wastewater. What can become problematic is a lift station that isn’t geared towards the type of wastewater system that is installed. Choosing wisely for both residential and commercial applications can promote the effectiveness of septic engineering.
  • Alarm – A septic alarm is often the first line of defense against a backup after the backwater valve has been activated. Having an alarm that is durable, can be set appropriately for the type of septic system, and offers users the ability to test and reset is an important aspect of septic engineering.
  • Drain Field – With the septic drain field, knowing the proper placement and the size required for the specific application is the best way to ensure longevity from a septic system. Using high-quality materials will also protect against damage and decay over time.

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