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septic pumpingWhile most professionals recommend septic pumping every 3 years, there really is no definitive answer to the frequency thereof. Some systems should, in fact, be pumped every year. The reason why no exact time frame can be given is quite simple. It all depends on how large the tank is and how many people are living in the home, and how much waste is discharged every day.

Most counties, cities and towns that regulate the installation of septic tanks require a professional to plan or design a system before it can be installed. The designer must take into account the home’s size, the total number of occupants, and the total number of bedrooms. With this data, the actual tank can be sized.

The problem is you might have bought a home not knowing if the existing tank is properly sized for the number of occupants. In this case, you should get an experienced professional out to your property. Often the size of the tank can be determined after septic pumping has been done. Once this is established, you will be told how often cleaning should be scheduled in the future. Remember, septic pumping is the only way to avoid thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the drain field!

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