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453070089-septic pumpingIt could be easy for septic pumping to become a punchline for homeowners. It’s rarely considered glamorous or fun, but fewer things are more necessary to the continued well-being of your home and septic system than regular septic pumping.

The open secret is that septic pumping is far more than removing sludge and scum from the septic tank. Regular septic pumping not only allows excess biomatter to be taken out of the tank, but also for the tank and associated systems like the drain field to be inspected by a trained professional. Other issues in the waste system outside of the septic system might be impacting the function of the septic system, and a trained technician will be able to better diagnose or narrow down the problem area or issue. Major problems are easily avoided, as the minor issues that would pass by unnoticed to the untrained eye are found before they cause complications or damage to the system or the home. By proactively solving minor issues, the entire system becomes better able to deal with waste in a more efficient manner and also increases the life of the system. In addition, some local regulations require that waste pumped from a septic system be specially disposed of.

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