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88014103-septic tank designIf you’re installing a new septic tank or replacing an old one, there are several important things to ponder and plan before committing to a particular setup or septic tank design.

Consider the average use of your system. How many people generally live in the home? Will the home ever see spikes in the number of residents or increases in usage? How many bathrooms are in the home? What type of laundry and dishwashing appliances are in the home? Are these fixtures newer and designed to use less water, or are they of an older type that uses more water? The answers to any or all of these can alter what your best septic tank design will be.

Also, consider your site needs. Is there a septic tank or system already in place that needs upgrading, retrofitting, or replacement? What space exists for the septic drain field? Where is the current out point of the wastewater in your home? All of these are exterior influences on your septic tank design.

With over 30 years of combined service in design, permitting, and septic tank design and engineering, our team at Southern Water and Soil is committed to exceeding your expectations by providing properly designed septic systems that are cost-effective. Our experience in septic systems insures that we can install your system with minimal headaches. We also offer septic system warranty packages, so you can rest easy. Give us a call today!