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A septic system drainfield is used to remove water laden with contaminants and impurities from the septic tank. Over the years with continued use the drainfield develops a biomat. This biomat build up creates a problem with the percolation of the organic loaded water from the septic tank. There is an aerobic process that one can implement to rejuvenate the soil absorption system. There are several options when it comes to septic system rejuvenation. Request Septic Rejuvenation Service today.

Chemical Custom Cleaning

With a Chemical Custom Cleaning, SWS technicians will first “de-water” (pump) your leach field in order to remove excess saturation. At this time, we will install a drainfield access port to allow us easy access to the leach field or drain field for future services. Our certified technicians will also “activate” the bacteria and enzymes into the drainfield laterals.

While the bacteria and enzymes are breaking new and preferred pathways into the drainfield bed or trenches, our technicians will use a high pressure water jetting machine to hose down each lateral line to wash out the heavy bio-mat that has built up in your field. Southern Water and Soil technicians will then take the bacteria and enzymes and pour it into the distribution box or header port where we will jet it down each lateral drain field line to ensure that the bacteria is spread throughout your entire field. Over the next few weeks, the bacteria will continue to grow and eat away at the heavy organics and bio-mat allowing your field to drain more easily.

Finally, we will pour an additional gallon bacteria and enzymes to rejuvenate your septic tank before closing it up. As you continue to use your septic system, this bacteria will activate and eventually seep out into your leach field as well.

Aerobic Activation System

In certain cases, SWS may provide the best solution to a clogged drain field. An aerobic bio-reactor such as the Infiltrator Aquaworx Bioreactor would be installed in your septic tank to create an oxygen rich environment by cultivating a large colony of bacteria. With the system completely agitated and aerated, the bacteria will thrive in your tank, eating away at the organic materials that enter.

During this time, the bacteria are carried out into the leach field where they will eat away at the heavy bio-mat that has built up under the drain field lines. As this system works, you will need regular pumping and maintenance along with regular inspections to ensure that it is functioning properly. Also, the installation of a commercial filter is imperative for the function of the system. If the desired results do not appear (after 12 months), there is a money back guarantee. Ask to speak with our Aerobic Activation adviser for more information to see if you system qualifies.

Sewer Jetting

If you are experiencing any issues with blockages, Southern Water and Soil’s high pressure water jetters can help to clean sewer lines, drain field lines, etc.

Many SWS customers schedule yearly jetting maintenance to avoid a blockage. Soap, grease build up, hair and other household debris contribute to the development of sludge in the main line and this could result in a blockage.