Septic Control Boxes, Brooksville, FL

Septic control boxes play a vital role in maintaining septic systems.

Septic systems are crucial in managing home wastewater when there is no access to municipal sewage treatment. These systems, as you can imagine, have many different parts that work together for successful performance and efficiency. One such part that is necessary for proper functioning is the septic control box. To help you get the most out of your septic system, our team at Southern Water and Soil offers repair and maintenance for septic control boxes. Continue reading to learn more about this essential component.

Septic Control Boxes in Brooksville, Florida

Septic control boxes are designed to control the flow of effluent (wastewater) between the septic tank’s different levels and allow treated water to flow in the drain field. In doing so, they keep the drain field from overflowing and ensure that the effluent is spread out evenly so that it can be properly treated. Within septic control boxes, you’ll find the various parts below, each with their own role in the sewage management process:

  • Float Switches: Septic control boxes have float switches that check how much liquid is in the septic tank. These switches send messages to the control box, which then does things like turn on the pump or send wastewater to certain chambers.
  • Pump Activation: When the liquid level in the septic tank hits a certain level, the septic control box turns on the pump. This keeps the effluent moving to the drainfield at the right times, which stops backups and system breakdowns.
  • Valve Controls: Some septic control boxes have valves that let you change how much waste flows through the system. These valves can send effluent to different treatment areas, which makes the treatment process work better.

Maintaining the septic control box is critical to keeping the septic system running smoothly. If you’re curious about the state of your septic control box, contact our team in the Brooksville, Florida area today.

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