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The drain field in your septic system plays a crucial role in managing treated liquid waste and allowing it to move back into the soil. However, a problem with this component can threaten the safety and condition of your property, making it one of the most vital in the entire system. While the parts that make up this piece of your septic system are designed to last for years with proper maintenance, they may wear out or suffer damage. When this happens, it’s important to take immediate action by contacting our team at Southern Water and Soil.

Drain Field Replacement in Brooksville, Florida

We’ll start with a thorough inspection of the drain field and other septic components and discuss our findings with you. From there, we can provide information about a drain field replacement if we believe that is the best course of action. A drain field replacement is necessary when the components that allow it to function properly have sustained significant damage or are beyond repair. Some of the warning signs that your drain field is not functioning as it should include unpleasant odors on the property, pools of water on the ground, and places where the grass looks brighter in color than others.

When performing drain field replacement, we assess the entire outdoor space to determine the best location for placement. Our goal is to protect the drain field and other septic components, so we’ll make sure it’s installed in an area where it won’t be driven over or have heavy loads on top of it regularly.

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