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Drip irrigation systems in Odessa, FL reduce your septic drain field mound.

Drip Irrigation SystemsDrip irrigation systems are a simple, effective, and amazingly efficient way to provide water to the plants and other landscaping. Many different types of these systems exist, and it’s important to understand two principles of good drip irrigation system design and execution.

First, know your property. This includes the major trees, shrubs, and plants the drip irrigation systems will support, as well as other plants that are benefited by the drip system. The type of soil is also very important, as it will determine what type of emitters makes the most sense in your system. If your terrain has a significant slope, this may require different types of emitters. The type of plant the system is supporting will also determine the spacing between emitters. Because of the large amount of work done on researching drip irrigation systems abroad, especially in Israel and South Africa, measurements for these systems are often given in metric units of centimeters or millimeters.

Second, know the system. Drip irrigation systems require a backflow preventer in order to keep the water line free from pathogens and debris. In addition, all piping should be of the same size in order to prevent leaks or the drip tubes from working their way loose. Your particular needs and the water flow required will help determine if a buried system or a top-mounted system is best for your particular needs.

Drip irrigation systems can lower the height of your septic drain field mound and allow for efficient reuse of the wastewater. These systems are cost-effective and provide beneficial reuse for landscape irrigation.

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