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Greg and Tanya MayfieldWhen it comes to installing, repairing, and maintaining a septic system on your residential or commercial property, you’ll want to utilize the services of a trusted company with plenty of experience. If you live in Lutz, Plant City, Zephyrhills, Brandon, Land O’ Lakes, Dade City, Odessa, or another community in the Greater Tampa Bay area and are in need of a wastewater treatment solution, look no further than Southern Water and Soil, Inc.

With over 100+ years in the wastewater treatment industry, Southern Water and Soil’s mission is to “provide a highly cross-trained team who exceed customers’ expectations and offer septic services that are designed properly, cost effective, and installed with minimal headaches.”

Southern Water and Soil is lead by President Greg Mayfield. Prior to starting SWS, Greg worked with the Florida Department of Health and the Southwest Florida Water Management District. SWS Vice President Robert “Bob” Dasta is also extremely familiar with wastewater treatment systems, having previously worked with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Southwest Florida Water Management District. It’s apparent these two experienced leaders know the ins and outs of the wastewater treatment industry, fully understanding wastewater system regulations and health department standards.

Septic Engineering

Southern Water and Soil offers customers a variety of options when it comes to septic tank installation and repair. From Orenco Advantex Treatment systems and Geoflow Drip Irrigation, to Infiltrator systems and Norweco Singular Green, SWS provides only the most innovative and reliable septic system products on the market.

Commercial septic system installed in Florida-1

During the installation and design process, SWS will consider the number of people to use the system, examine the size of your lawn, measure the water table depth, and inspect the soil type to ensure you will receive the best wastewater treatment results possible. SWS installs 200 to 100,000 gallon wastewater systems which allows them to work for residential and commercial clients such as Lutz Medical Center, a Brooksville Taco Bell, and a Temple Terrace church, among others. They even designed and installed a septic system for an entire mobile home park in Tampa.

Infiltrator Chamber System


Septic Repair

Southern Water and Soil can handle just about any septic repair needed for your residential or commercial system. From septic tank cover replacement and replacing faulty distribution boxes, to sealing septic tank cracks and repairing drain field lines, Southern Water and Soil covers it all when it comes to septic system repair.

Infiltrator EQ36 Low Profile

Septic Maintenance

After installing or repairing a septic system, Southern Water and Soil takes the time to educate customers on how to maintain their system. Southern Water and Soil also offers customers septic rejuvenation services to help them maintain a system’s longevity. During each septic tank pumping, for example, Southern Water and Soil will inspect the entire system to make sure it’s functioning properly—they don’t just “pump and run!” They’ll also clean the filter and introduce a bacteria and enzyme additive to the tank to help break down solid waste.

Septic and ATU Tank Installation

Whether you’re in need of septic installation, repair, or maintenance, Southern Water and Soil is ready to serve you. Call them today!