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If gurgling in the toilet or back up in the bathtub has you asking about septic tank pumping cost then it is time to start doing some research.  SWS will give you the information you need to keep from paying an arm and a leg for your septic system problem. Proper septic tank maintenance means that you will have your septic system serviced every two to three years to keep the system from getting build-up.  The cost of pumping or cleaning the septic tank will depend on the amount of solids build-up and the size of your tank.

Septic Tank with Filter

Regular septic tank maintenance is necessary to eliminate future septic problems and cost for you.  You can use a bacteria/enzyme product that is approved by the Florida Department of Health to create a healthy environment for you septic system and drainfield. SWS can install a header pipe or distribution box system that allows the introduction of the bacteria and enzymes directly to the root of the problem. You can purchase a maintenance and warranty package from SWS so that costly septic repairs and replacement costs are waylaid. Some products for the septic system should be avoided. Call SWS and we can discuss safe and useful products for your septic system.

There are many options when it comes to septic system repair, drainfield cleaning, or drain cleaning or repairing. Depending on your situation and septic problem you could be looking at a major expense in both the septic tank plumbing cost and the cost of redoing your lawn. SWS offers trenchless repairs such as (line jetting, bacterial bio-reactors, and bacteria and enzymes, root inhibitor, etc.). Due to the age of the system or the condition of the drainfield or the nature of the failure it might be the best alternative to completely replace the drainfield.

SWS offers advice and consultation for homeowners that want to do the work themselves. DIY septic is probably not something you want to tackle yourself. However, if you do want to tackle doing your septic repairs yourself SWS is here to help. This is a job better left in the hands of a professional. SWS offers free quotes for septic system replacements and we can do the job for you.

Try to get several quotes up front rather than relying on the first contractor you speak to. Septic tank cleaning and repair services will vary in price with the amount of work to be done. Check with the Better Business Bureau to find a reputable, dependable service to ensure you get the best work and the best septic tank service.