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Southern Water and Soil, Inc., services the Greater Tampa Bay Area including Lutz, Zephyrhills, Wesley Chapel, Odessa, Land O Lakes, and Dade City. SWS specializes in giving the customers options on their septic system repair or replacement. Many drainfield systems can be recovered by jetting the drainfields and installing a time-dosed control panel to an existing mound system. SWS has repaired, replaced, and recovered many drainfield and septic systems.

SWS uses Infiltrator Systems products. Infiltrator makes products such as Aquaworx, Infiltrator EQ-36 Chambers, and EQ-36 Low Profile Chambers.  Infiltrator also makes septic tanks that are injection molded which are 10 times stronger than the typical rotational molded septic tanks. Therefore, the septic tank is rated for burial up to 48 inches by the Florida Department of Health.

If you need concrete tanks SWS uses concrete tanks too. We have installed many septic tanks over the years. One of the main concerns about septic tanks is that the tanks are properly sealed and tested when installed. A water tightness should be completed on every tank that is installed.

Drain field Replacement

Sometimes a drainfield replacement is absolutely necessary when roots have taken over the drainfield or the drainfield is too old for drainfield recovery or rejuvenation. A drain field replacement is the only sure way to have a septic system repaired to 100%. SWS has diagnosed and inspected many septic systems to determine the efficacy of septic rejuvenation.

Clogged Distribution Box

A clogged distribution box or D-Box can be signs of problems in the drainfield of the septic system. Many times the D-Box will fill up with sludge because there is no filter on the septic tank and the septic tank has not been maintained properly. This can cause the drainfield to fail due to clogging. Many times the septic drainfield can be recovered. However, if the drainfield is too old and the bio-mat is too thick then a recovery is highly unlikely.

Bio-Mat Under Drainfield

In the picture above the bio-mat is the dark layer that formed directly beneath the drainfield. This can grow to be very thick and limit the amount of water that can percolate through the soil. When this occurs it is very difficult to recover the drainfield and multiple drainfield recovery techniques are required to be successful. Sometimes it is inevitable that a drainfield replacement will be required.

Watertight Riser Package

Having a watertight access port is very important to the life of the septic system. If a filter is not installed solids can get into the drainfield and cause damage to the system. If the filter is installed and the access port is not sealed properly then you will cause more problems from excess water and sand getting into the septic tank and drainfield. SWS installs septic systems that the homeowner needs. Providing these options to the homeowners is what SWS does.

Infiltrator EQ36 Low Profile

If you need estimates on your septic system installation or drainfield repair or replacement then give the septic experts at Southern Water and Soil, Inc., an opportunity to earn your septic repair business. 813-785-0500.