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Repair or Replace? What to Do When You Need Septic Tank Repairs

Owning a septic system can be a great way to efficiently filter out your wastewater. It is often more efficient to run a septic system than it is to be hooked up to a city sewer! However, when you have your own mini wastewater treatment plant in the form of a septic system, you also need to keep up on maintenance and repairs. Here at Southern Water and Soil, we have come up with a few helpful tips for you to decide if your tank needs replacement or repairs.

Septic Tank Replacement

  • If your septic tank is continually being overwhelmed by the capacity of your family, you might consider replacement. Not all septic tanks are created equal and there are times when a property is bought with a too-small tank.
  • If you are calling for septic tank repairs more than 2-3 times per year, consider replacement. An aging septic tank can be as fickle as an old car, and cost just as much in repairs over time than replacement. If you’re making frequent repairs every year, it might be time to replace it altogether.
  • If another part of your system has failed, you might want to use the opportunity to replace your tank as well.

Septic Tank Repairs

  • If your tank is in relatively good shape but there were problems with other parts of the system, the septic tank can be repaired or reused.
  • If repairs are an infrequent occurrence on your property, going with repairs is the way to go.

If you are looking for qualified septic tank repairs, please contact our experts at Southern Water and Soil for assistance.