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Southern Water and Soil, Inc., is a certified onsite wastewater contractor in North Carolina and a registered septic tank contractor in Florida. Through innovative products and designs the SWS team can provide wastewater solutions for your project. In North Carolina, onsite wastewater systems that are over 3,000 gallons per day the system has to be engineered. In Florida, systems that are over 1,000 square feet of subsurface drainfield or disposal system requires engineering. SWS can provide you guidance on these systems and their requirements. SWS has installed many subsurface wastewater systems from low pressure dosing systems to subsurface drip irrigation systems.

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SWS provides innovative wastewater expertise that solves your wastewater problems. Through solid science and expertise SWS can provide a solution for your wastewater needs.

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SWS works with engineers, soil scientists, regulators, manufacturers, and suppliers to provide a high quality wastewater installation. If you need a wastewater treatment system installed in North Carolina don’t hesitate to call SWS. We will provide you with quality installation at reasonable prices.

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Advantex AX-Max Installation

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