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septic system repairSometimes, it’s a bad idea to have a septic tank pumped out. Under certain conditions, it may be unsafe and lead to damage of the tank, resulting in the need for septic system repair. The one issue that will be discussed here is after flooding. Pumping could cause a dangerous, or even fatal, collapse.

If your home has been flooded by water from a hurricane, a river overflow or a storm, pumping the tank while the groundwater is still flooding the area can lead to sudden problems.If the tank is fiberglass or plastic, and if the groundwater is still high near it, the tank could actually float right up out of the ground, causing damaged piping and expensive septic system repair. It is important to wait until the groundwater and floodwater have receded around the tank.

What about a concrete tank? Even then, if groundwater covers it, or the inlet and/or drain field piping is covered, the tank should not be pumped. If it is, floodwaters that carry mud and silt can flow into it, filling the tank with debris that will need to be professionally removed. Again, wait until the floodwater has receded, and the groundwater is low enough to prevent silt and mud from running back into the tank.

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