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Septic Drain Field, Tampa, FL

Call us immediately if something doesn’t seem right with your septic drain field in Tampa, FL.

Septic Drain Field, Tampa, FLOne important part of a septic system is the septic drain field, which allows liquid to exit the tank throughout perforated pipes and go into the ground. It is an expensive part of the septic system, so if it has a problem, it is often a costly repair. At Southern Water & Soil, we offer septic drain field service and repair for your Tampa, Florida property. Since the septic drain field serves such an important role, any potential problems should not go unnoticed.

Keep an eye out for signs of septic drain field problems, such as strong odors, wet patches on the ground near the system, or backup of toilets, sinks, or drains inside the home, and call us immediately if something doesn’t seem right. We can examine your septic drain field and assess any damage. A common cause for drain field problems is a cracked pipe, which may be caused by vehicles driving or parking atop the drain field, or by tree roots that grow across the field.

At Southern Water & Soil, we pride ourselves on the education and knowledge of our staff members. We have licensed engineers on staff, and we offer a wide variety of services, ranging from the design and construction of the septic system to the actual installation project.  We also use our vision and innovation to ensure that your septic system works for you and your family. We offer both residential and commercial septic systems along with repairs, maintenance, and other necessities.

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