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Septic Drain Field, Lutz, FL

If you are concerned that your septic drain field in Lutz, FL isn’t working, give us a call.

Septic Drain Field, Lutz, FLSeptic systems are very common in Lutz, FL, but many of the people who have them on their property don’t even know how they work. At Southern Water and Soil, we not only have a large staff of on-call engineers and experienced contractors to complete your septic system design and installation, but we are also always available to answer questions about your septic system.

A septic system consists of two main components: the septic tank and the septic drain field. The septic tank is where all of the waste and water from your home goes. Inside the septic tank, chemicals and bacteria work to process and separate the waste. After processing, the treated water leaves the septic tank and enters the septic drain field, which consists of a series of perforated pipes. Here the water is treated once more, and then it’s released back into the environment.

The size and design of your septic drain field will be determined by the size of your septic tank, and both components require regular cleaning and maintenance for them to work properly. If you notice strong odors coming from your septic drain field or if you see leaking waste, it could mean that a problem is on the horizon, or that it has already happened.

To keep your septic drain field and all other aspects of your septic system in prime working condition, make sure to keep our number handy. At Southern Water and Soil, we pride ourselves not only in offering expert-level installation and repairs, but also in being always ready to answer your questions. Call us today with any questions or concerns you may have with your septic drain field.







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