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Drain Field Options, Land O’ Lakes, FL

We provide various drain field options to meet your needs in Land O’ Lakes.

Drain Field Options in Land O’ Lakes, FloridaYou might think that all drain fields are the same, but that isn’t the case. There are actually various drain field options available. When you hire our team at Southern Water and Soil, we will go over your drain field options with you and then design a system that meets your individual needs.

Conventional Drain Fields

Conventional drain fields are the most popular of the drain field options. These drain fields consist of level trenches that are lined with gravel or sand. Pipes or drain tiles run along the trenches and are used to carry the wastewater through the drain field on its way to the soil. The gravel or sand’s purpose is to disperse the effluent along the drain field.

Gravelless Drain Fields

Gravelless drain fields are another option for your Land O’ Lakes, Florida property. As you can tell from the name, these drain fields don’t contain gravel. With the exception of the lack of gravel, they are similar to the conventional systems. They support sidewalls and pipes, and they distribute wastewater along the soil.

Chamber systems are a popular gravelless system. These contain open-bottomed pipes that are typically made of high-density plastic. They also might be made of brick or fiberglass. Some homeowners prefer these systems because they easy to install and minimize the damage to the landscape.

These are just a few of your drain field options. Talk to a professional from our team at Southern Water and Soil about your options, and we will design a solution that is perfect for you. Then, you will be ready to get your new drain field.


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