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You want to call a septic company, order a septic system, and have it installed tomorrow. While it can be done, it’s a big mistake. You’ll be skipping a very important step. You need to go through the septic engineering process in order to get the system you need to meet your needs. Fortunately, at Southern Water and Soil, we can do it all, from septic engineering all the way to installation.

The Importance of Septic Engineering

Septic Engineering

  • Determine the Size- One size doesn’t fit all with septic systems. We will start by determining the size you need for your system. We will look at the size of your property, as well as how many people live onsite and how much waste your family produces. That will help our septic engineering team determine how big of a septic system you need.
  • Consider Zoning Requirements- Zoning requirements are also important. We make sure that everything is up to code during the septic engineering process. That way, there won’t be any delays during the installation. We want to make sure the installation goes off without a hitch, and that is not possible unless everything is up to code and all of the regulations are met.

If you’re serious about getting the right septic tank for your needs, it all starts with professional septic engineering. Let our septic engineers at Southern Water and Soil take the lead and design a system that will meet your demand and exceed your expectations. Then, you won’t have to worry about your system letting you down.