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There are various types of aerobic septic systems

The great thing about technological advances is that they give you more choices. You can save money by going with an older model or go all in and pay for all the bells and whistles you want. If you are more likely to purchase the car model with heated seats and other upgrades than the base model with crank windows, you might want to know more about how you can take your commercial septic to the next level as well.

While some advanced treatment systems are necessary because of your specific situation, others are an option if you want to increase performance. Aerobic septic systems are a common choice when you want to achieve a more efficient breakdown and digestion of organic solids and reduce pathogens in the effluent. These systems incorporate air to accomplish this task, which is quite different from a traditional anaerobic system that has no oxygen involved.

There are various types of aerobic septic systems, including suspended-growth, fixed-film, and sequencing batch reactors. Each has its own benefits and related costs. An experienced septic contractor that installs aerobic septic systems can discuss which they recommend for your situation based on a variety of factors, including budget, location, usage, and objectives. Not all systems are approved for every area either.

Here at Southern Water and Soil, we are quite familiar with the permitting process involved with aerobic septic systems and we are experienced with designing, installing, and maintaining this advanced type of septic treatment system. We are happy to assess your situation and provide relevant information so that you can decide if taking your septic system to the next level makes sense for your situation. Contact us today to learn more.