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Our septic system repair team can handle just about any septic repair needed for your system. We can install new septic tank covers and build up riser collars for your septic tank lid or cover. We can repair and replace drain lines and distribution boxes. At Southern Water and Soil, we service your septic system and inspect each component to make sure the system is in good working condition and will stay that way for many years to come. Request Septic Repair Service today.

Cover Replacement

Safety is a high priority at Southern Water and Soil and we want to make sure that your septic tank cover is not a potential hazard. We will inspect your septic tank cover for any weakness and will recommend a replacement if we identify a septic tank lid or cover problem. Southern Water and Soil has several different cover sizes in stock and can handle a replacement of any size and shape.

Distribution Box, Inlet/Outlet T’s And Baffles

Southern Water and Soil can repair or replace your faulty D-Box or also called Distribution Box, Inlet/Outlet T’s, effluent filters, and septic tank baffles or lids.

Line Repair Or Replacement

Southern Water and Soil can repair or replace any break or crack to the main septic line that distributes effluent to your septic drain field.

Build Up or Riser Extension

Some septic systems have covers that are entrenched deep underground. To prevent any problems during servicing, Southern Water and Soil can install a riser or build up, to raise the level of your access point to the ground surface.  This will help you to save money on digging fees and prevent septic servicing problems during times of septic problems.

Septic Tank Repair

If you are having a problem with low levels in your septic tank system, Southern Water and Soil technicians can inspect your septic tank for cracks, leaks, or holes. We will also attempt to seal your septic tank in an effort to save the septic system. Excess sand can infiltrate your drainfield and cause a septic drainfield failure.