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How to Add Some Flexibility into Your Drain Field Design

When it comes to your septic system, there’s really not many things you can do in terms of customization and flexibility. While you can work with different grades of land and different sizes of tanks, beyond that, it’s important for you to keep your septic system running well and maintained in order for it to function properly. The drain field, on the other hand, can offer a little more flexibility.

Ideally, a drain field is located under a large expanse of land without structures, trees, or other items on top of it. If you don’t have that kind of space on your property however, you need your drain field design to be a little bit more flexible. Here are some ideas for drain field design that you can discuss with your septic experts to determine if they will work for you.

A drip irrigation system is very similar to a drain field in that a series of tubes will allow cleaned wastewater to percolate back into the groundwater. However, drip irrigation systems are much smaller and thinner types of tubing that are buried at a much shallower depth. Because this tubing is flexible, it is much easier to work around existing structures, trees or shrubs. This type of drain field design needs to be completed by experienced professionals like ours at Southern Water and Soil. Because drip irrigation needs extra help draining the water, additional items might need to be added to your septic system.

For questions about drain field design and how to make yours fit your property, give us a call today.