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While there are many important aspects of your home you should always trust to a trained professional, perhaps one of the most important is in your water and septic system.

How a Professional Completes a Septic Permit Application in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Know your rules. States usually have particular sets of rules, some of which are made more stringent or have heavier requirements for specific systems depending on the location. In the case of a septic permit application, these requirements can also depend on the local water supply and environmental considerations, such as how close to open water or the local water table the septic system will be.
  1. Know your site. Make certain that your system is engineered for best placement in relation to the property, any structures, and to the environment. This combined with the first point will make the septic permit application process simpler, easier, and speed the approval of the system.
  1. Know which forms are needed for approval. Knowing exactly which forms and schematics must be submitted with the septic permit application is the key to its approval. Work generally cannot begin until the plans are submitted and approved. It’s always best to have the permit application done as early as possible in order to allow for whatever delays may occur.
  1. Experience leads to success. A professional has done this all before and has more experience designing successful systems that meet or exceed all legal requirements without breaking your bank account.

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