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At Southern Water and Soil, we provide septic system inspections for homeowners and business owners. We’re experts in our field when it comes to inspecting, designing, and engineering septic systems of all sizes and types.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Septic System Inspections

Reasons to Request an Inspection

There are many times when you might need to have a septic system inspected:

  • You’re buying or selling a residential property.
  • You’re buying or selling a commercial property.
  • You’re buying or selling vacant land that will be developed.
  • You’re moving, expanding, or replacing your septic system due to remodeling, property development, or zoning changes.
  • You’re building or installing a new/replacement system to meet updated health or environmental codes.

Types of Septic Inspections We Do

We conduct three main types of septic system inspections:

  1. Residential Basic Inspections

If you need your septic system located, a basic, visual inspection is likely a good fit. These inspections include:

  • Estimating the size and volume of the tank
  • Estimating the size of the drain field
  • A septic system report card with the details of the inspection
  1. Residential Enhanced Inspections

If you need your system and drain field inspected with a camera, pumped, or need more detail about your system, this inspection is the right choice. These inspections include:

  • A septic system pump-out
  • A camera inspection on both the septic tank and drain field
  • A detailed measurement of tank size and volume
  • A detailed measurement of drain field size and overall functionality
  • A thorough written report of the overall state of the system and drain field
  1. Commercial Septic Inspections:

If you’re a septic or building contractor and require an initial or final inspection onsite, we can help. Here’s what our commercial inspections include:

  • Advisement on septic equipment
  • Equipment, repair, and/or installation recommendations based on the size, use, and type of property

Note that we will need a number of documents and details about the project before the start of the inspection.

We Also Offer Septic Design & Engineering

Are you building, redeveloping, or rezoning for any reason, and the work requires septic system design and engineering? Make us your first call! We properly design and engineer septic systems and make sure all systems meet local installation codes.