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Having a commercial septic system designed and installed

Having a commercial septic system designed and installed is quite an investment and not one you want to repeat any time soon. Many of the dos and don’ts of commercial septic are similar to what you’d consider for your residential system, but there are a few other things you need to know if you’ve just started or purchased a commercial property that has a septic system.

Commercial Septic Dos:

  • Do know what kind of commercial septic system you have. Take the time to discuss the system with the company that installed it for you, or if you are a new owner of an existing system, contact one to come out and assess the system and discuss the type and how to care for it.
  • Do have a diagram of your system to have handy when service is needed. You’ll save the maintenance team valuable time when you can tell them exactly where the components are, and this can save you on labor charges when service or repairs are needed.
  • Do keep good records about inspections, pumping, and other services. It will be helpful to ascertain a chronic problem so that steps can be taken to resolve them.
  • Do call for help the moment you notice an issue. Delays can turn small issues into costlier ones!
  • Do maintain healthy grass over the drain field to avoid erosion while avoiding landscaping with deep roots.

Commercial Septic Don’ts:

  • Do not introduce things to the commercial septic system it is not equipped to handle. If in doubt about something, put it in the garbage or compost it instead.
  • Do not drive over, park, or construct anything near the commercial septic system. The added weight can damage the components, or you could make it impossible to service the system properly.
  • Do not dig near the septic system components as you risk damaging them.
  • Do not introduce toxins, such as paints, solvents, pesticides, chemicals or antibacterial products to the septic tank as these kill the natural microbes that treat the wastewater.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask your professional commercial septic contractor for tips, advice, and recommendations for the care and improvement of your system.

Here at Southern Water and Soil, we are always happy to assist you with any of your commercial septic needs, and that includes providing professional advice and recommendations. We are also available to design new or replacement systems, discuss aerobic septic systems, and provide maintenance and repair services. We are equipped to handle all types of systems, including doing package plant installations. Contact us today to learn more.