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The Orenco AdvanTex AX-Max system offers a number of advantages for residents of Davidson.

Orenco AdvanTex AX-Max in Davidson, North CarolinaAt Southern Water and Soil, we partner with Orenco to provide wastewater treatment solutions for small and medium-sized communities that provide enhancements and alternatives to traditional gravity wastewater management systems. The Orenco AdvanTex AX-Max system offers communities a number of advantages, and our team is equipped to assist you with the design, installation and maintenance, so you achieve the best results in Davidson, North Carolina.

The Orenco AdvanTex AX-Max system offers a number of advantages, including easy operation for communities that may not have full-time operational staff. This wastewater treatment system not only provides easy maintenance, but also energy savings while meeting strict re-use standards and nutrient limits. The Orenco AdvanTex AX-Max system has a proven and reliable packed-bed media filter technology and is designed for surface discharge, dust control, and other reuse applications.

This system is fully plumbed, can be installed above or below-ground, and can handle flows up to 1 MGD (million gallons divided). With the option to defer costs until flow and revenue are generated due to its modular design, the Orenco AdvanTex AX-Max system is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Your community may also be interested in system features like telemetry controls and advanced nutrient disinfection and removal options so you enjoy easy monitoring and maintenance.

If you have questions about the advantages of this system or would like to work with us at Southern Water and Soil, please contact us today. The Orenco AdvanTex AX-Max system offers many advantages, and we are ready to discuss your needs.

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