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Cluster Wastewater Treatment, Davidson, NC

We can assist your community by designing and implementing a cluster wastewater treatment system in Davidson.

Cluster Wastewater Treatment in Davidson, North CarolinaIs your community working to achieve a more sustainable approach to wastewater treatment? Are you looking for cost-effective septic solutions? At Southern Water and Soil, we have more than 30 years of experience assisting communities and commercial businesses with the design, installation and maintenance of their wastewater systems. So, when your community is looking for an alternative to traditional gravity waste management systems, we are prepared to discuss your options.

One solution many communities find effective when they are seeking wastewater treatment solutions due to zoning and other ordinances is cluster wastewater treatment. These systems allow you to preserve open spaces you would like to maintain and decentralize your wastewater treatment system. Cluster wastewater treatment works to reduce storm water production and preserve open areas, such as farms, parks and recreational areas, where traditional septic systems would not work.

Additional advantages of cluster wastewater treatment include a decreased production in bio-solids, reduced operation and maintenance costs, and promotion of sustainability with the option to expand the system over time. Using a textile-based system, we will install modules throughout your community that can be easily maintained by community members. Your community may see a 95% reduction in energy expenditures, won’t have to worry about foul odors or extended aeration requirements, and can expand the system as needed over time.

At Southern Water and Soil, we can assist your community by designing and implementing a cluster wastewater treatment system in Davidson, North Carolina. Contact us today for more information about cluster wastewater treatment for your community.

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