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Drain Field DesignDrain field design is one of the single most important aspects of a septic system, and one that many people pay little or no attention to. Because the drain field represents the final segment of the septic system, any issues in this process can cause problems throughout your septic system, drain field site, and local water quality.

It’s important to take into account the type of soil and drainage rate of that soil. Less-permeable soil requires more time to filter a given amount of water, so a larger drain field might be required, depending on the amount of waste water generated. The amount of waste water generated can also impact drain field design, as a larger drain field is necessary to spread that waste water evenly.

The location of the drain field is the third important factor in your drain field design, as there are often very specific regulations regarding the placement of the field in relation to structures, pathways, trees, shrubs, water sources, and the local water table. The fourth aspect of drain field design is the biomat. Over continued use, a layer of biomass will form below the drain field in response to the nutrient-rich effluent. This biomatter continues to filter and further purify the effluent, but can slow the flow of effluent, and over time can grow up and into the drain field.

If you are installing a new drain field due to an older drain field losing its effectiveness, this older drain field may dry out over time, allowing it to be used again after several years. Incorporating more modern treatment systems or more complex tanks into your septic system can also help your drain field design by yielding a more pure effluent that requires less time and space to fully biodegrade.

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